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Entrepreneurial Legacy

Jacobs Holding AG is a global professional investment firm

based in Zurich and founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Klaus J. Jacobs

We focus on acquiring new stakes, strengthening a portfolio company’s management, and increasing the value of the portfolio company’s assets. We take an entrepreneurial approach to investing in growth, generating value by creating long-term, sustainable market leaders.

Engagement for others

Jacobs Holding AG’s sole economic beneficiary is the Jacobs Foundation, one of the world’s leading charitable foundations. Established in Zurich in 1989 by Klaus J. Jacobs and his family, the Foundation’s goal is to sustainably support future generations by improving their developmental opportunities, thus enabling them to become socially responsible members of society. The Jacobs Foundation funds research projects and intervention programs and supports scientific institutions to bring about social changes in the area of child and youth development. Over CHF 650 million in cumulative grants has been paid out since the Foundation’s establishment in 1989.

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